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Make money through EvackTech

Do you want to earn monthly through EvackTech? EvackTech has made it possible to earn money through us and its made simple so anyone can do it! 


How does it work?

- A customer can make R200 for their first pc sale of the month.

-The next pc sale makes R400 for their second pc sale of the month.

-The 3rd sale a client makes will earn them R500.

- A client can sell hardware and they will make 2% of that hardwares price. 

Anyone can sell our products but they must be signed up to our site, if a client sells a product please dm Wraith on this discord

If you need more information, pm Wraith on Discord

NB - clients can only make 50% - 70% less on budget builds (R8000 on budget builds)

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